K Concept Light Panel

K Concept Light Panel

Be in complete control of your kitchen! K Concept Light Panel becomes your best lighting solution even if lighting becomes an afterthought.

Whether you’ve got a swanky gourmet space or a cozy kitchen hub, the heart of the home deserves only the best lighting design for that hard-working space. Lighting, when done right, can amp up your kitchen, creating a working space that’s efficient, safe, and visually impactful.

Lighting design is an important feature in your kitchen, but what happens if you’ve got everything set and just realized how bad the lighting is? The best solution is to go with a Dell Anno K Concept Light Panel. The innovative design lets you place the panels as a backdrop against your kitchen counter.

Importance of Lighting

A strategic kitchen lighting design is imperative as it can make or break your kitchen’s efficiency and not to mention a potential risk for safety. As we are now more homebound than ever, your kitchen space becomes the go-to space for your comfort food or that office make-shift.

  • For Safety
  • Efficient Workspace
  • Sets the Mood

1. Safety First

With a CRI 90 rating, Dell Anno K Concept Light Panel makes sure you have a well-lit working space. The recommended CRI for kitchens, artwork, bathrooms and other working areas is CRI 80+.

Food preparation necessitates the use of multiple sharp and possibly dangerous kitchen gear and utensils. When you add additional duties like frying, it’s clear that this area can fire or other accidents.

K Fire Protection – Thanks to K Fire Protection, a glass panel that guarantees safe installation at the cooking zone, you can safely prepare meals, read recipes, and quickly spot ingredients on a shelf.

Global Certification – You are looking for a “set-and-forget” lighting system that can be used for years to come. The K Concept Panel carries some of the most rigorous and widely used certifications. It means it has undergone an extensive and rigorous set of testing confirming its safety, quality, and reliability.

2. Efficient Work Space.

Good lighting design equates to better performance. Whatever you do, lighting can affect how you do things well. The DEll Anno K Concept Light Panels comes with a dedicated line of accessories that you can use to help utilize space and keep your items in the right and safest location.

Shelves and Roller Holders – Either cooking or sleeping, our mobile phones are our best buddies, and you can’t go anywhere without one. Dell Anno Home Design K Concept Light Panel comes with shelves and roller holders that allow you to view a tablet or any other gadget leaving your kitchen counter free for food prep.

Sets the Mood – While lighting can set the mood of your kitchen, the K Concept light Panel understands that every user is unique. The customizable features of these LED light panels are one of its highlights.

3. Sets the Mood.

While lighting can set the mood of your kitchen, the K Concept light Panel understands that every user is unique. The customizable features of these LED light panels are one of its highlights.

3000 to 4000 Color Temperature – Dell Anno Home Design K Concept light Panel features a Dual Emotion Color LED where you adjust the color varies according to your preference. This reduces strain or glare, where lighting comfort and tolerance may vary from person to person.

Smart System – With the SMART wireless remotes, it’s possible to dim the lights, adjust the light temperature (Emotion Dual Color) from natural to warm white. In addition, the user can save up to 4 independent pre-defined lighting scenarios and therefore create specific lighting effects within the environment. Thanks to its wireless and Bluetooth technology, the Smart system offers endless possibilities of installation without the need for further milling operations.

What Makes a Great Kitchen Lighting?

In general, kitchen lighting should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. As we spent most of our waking hours in the heart of the home, great kitchen lighting should create an invigorating atmosphere that’s also comfortable while it is efficient in doing mundane tasks.

Layered lighting – Like layering your textures and colors, your kitchen should have a lighting landscape that works well with the functional tasks. K Concept features the Emotion Dual Color Technology that allows the variation of the color temperature from 3000K to 4000K; the Wall Washer version integrates a vertical effect of wall washing that can be activated independently.

Convenience, not Sacrifice Function – Aside from your traditional wall Switch Kit, you’ll love the smart system of K concept, where you can adjust your lighting with a remote-control device.

Energy Efficient – Sustainability and saving energy are a must, and the LED K Concept lighting allows you to enjoy beautiful lighting while you save on your electric bills. And since it is dimmable, you can adjust the lighting intensity any time you choose.

Dell Anno can help you to customize and develop the Stage of your dreams. So, check out our stores on the link below.

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