Unicasa wins the 49th RS Export Award

Unicasa’s internationalization of the Dell Anno brand wins the 49th RS Export Award, highlighting the cabinetry sector. 

Considered the largest event in the sector in Brazil for the last 50 years, the RS Export Award has distinguished companies that obtained the best market results and developed innovative strategies to exhibit and sell their products in the international market. In 2021, at the 49th edition, Unicasa was highlighted in the cabinetry sector after expanding the internationalization of the Dell Anno brand. By boosting its global expansion, the company is already present in Latin America, Europe, Canada and the United States, with 42 Stores abroad.

On the eve of its 50th anniversary, the award recognizes the relevance of the sector that, in the year 2020 alone, moved 14 billion dollars in Rio Grande do Sul, turning the economy into an apparent recession. The movement made possible by the award also aims to share knowledge in business and create an exporting culture, where internationalization is part of the companies’ strategy.

Paulo Roberto Bellenzier Junior, Corporate and Export sales manager representing Unicasa. Photo: Agency Preview

“For Unicasa, it is an honor to receive the Export Award for the first time. We work with a product with high added value for a high-end audience that values modern, functional and sophisticated Cabinetry, always adapting to the needs of each market. This recognition is a sign of the dedication and cares to more than 450 employees in the internationalization process at Unicasa, which has been strategic for the group’s businesses for over 15 years.” Daniel Zanonato – Director of International Business and COO (Chief Operating Officer of Unicasa North America).

Flexibility is a strength of Unicasa, adapting to each culture according to its requirements. As a result, the company is always attentive to market movements and develops a unique brand position, delivering superior quality products and excellent customer experience. This is reflected in the growth in volume and the mix of products made available to the international market.

The RS Export Award Council is formed by leaders of institutions that support to the state of Rio Grande do Sul’s exports. They are: ADVB/RS, Apex-Brasil, Badesul, Banco do Brasil, Banrisul, BRDE, FARSUL, Fecomércio, Federasul, FIERGS, Lide-RS, Portos RS, Sebrae-RS, Secretariat for Economic Development (Sedec), Hub Transforma RS and UFRGS.

Unicasa’s corporate team during the awards ceremony.  – Photo: Agency Preview

About Unicasa

Created over 36 years ago, Unicasa is consolidated as one of Brazil’s largest and most modern Cabinetry industries. The company owns significant brands in the sector: Dell Anno, Favorita Interni, New and Casa Brasileira, each with its profile and aimed at specific audiences. Focusing on large accounts, Unicasa also has a corporate division called Unicasa Corporate, which carries out customized projects for hotel, hospital, and construction companies. The products are manufactured in a facility with more than 53 thousand square feet in Bento Gonçalves, in Serra Gaúcha, and count on the production of Cabinetry made 100% with wood from reforestation, high-tech machinery and robotic painting lines.

The group has been publicly traded on the stock exchange for almost ten years and has been driving its international expansion since 2018 through Unicasa North America LCC, focused on the Dell Anno brand, the oldest and premium brand in the group a specialized team formed by 26 professionals supports the international business operation.

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