Unicasa and Sustainability

In the industry, the preservation of the environment is reflected in the adoption of sustainable practices in all stages of the production process.

The raw material comes from reforestation, owned or by third parties, or acquired from controlled sources.

Unicasa furniture packaging is made with 95% recycled material. The water reuse rate reaches up to 100% through the treatment of effluents and rainwater capture which together are used as a fire reserve and in the bathrooms of the entire company.

The waste generated in the treatment of effluents is sent to a company in the neighboring city of Veranópolis, which produces organic compounds. Co-products generated in the production process such as sawdust, wood, plastic, and cardboard are dispersed and reused by other sectors of the economy.

All other non-recyclable waste is sent to a blending and co-processing plant, which implements a high-tech process that does not harm the environment and leaves no environmental liabilities for the company.

In the energy area, diesel oil was replaced by LPG, and the company utilized translucent tiles that allow natural light to enter the manufacturing plant, reducing power consumption with the lighting.

In 2020, Unicasa Indústria de Móveis S/A used an amount of 25 tons of circular plastic packaging produced from recycled raw materials, sustainable practices, and wind energy, resulting in several environmental and social benefits.

GHG emission reduction
51 tons of CO2

Oil Consumption
80,536 US gal

Electric power consumption
Reduction of
773.161 kW

Disposal Waste
Reduction 25 tons

Water consumption in total processes
Reduction of
2.019.011 L

Direct and indirect Jobs

*Plastiweber Circularity Certificate