Dell Anno Convoy Lavido Storage

Convoy Lavido Storage

When you walk into your kitchen, it’s vital that you feel comfortable and in anticipation of reaching out on that favorite canned snack, you just bought from the grocer. You can only achieve an orderly kitchen with the help of a clever solution like Convoy Lavido by Dell Anno.

In most cases, the kitchen is regarded as the heart of the home. “I wish my kitchen had more mess,” no one has ever said. When you walk into your kitchen, the first thing you notice is how quiet and clean it is. It will feel like a fantasy every time you walk through those kitchen entryways if you have well-organized and mess-free storage. Having a lot of storage in your kitchen cabinets is one of the best ways to keep the mess off your kitchen counters.

Having enough kitchen storage space is a wonderful extravagance to have. Keeping your kitchen supplies out of sight and properly stored will help you maintain a clean kitchen. Consider how much room there is for exercises! Having a perfect zone will allow more opportunities to do everything, whether your children are coming home and doing their schoolwork on the counter or you are regularly busting out your lord culinary specialist abilities and utilizing every last trace of kitchen space.


Introducing Convoy Lavido

The fantasy building can begin once we modify the storage for your kitchen cabinets. Creating a space for everything in your storage will not only help keep things clean but will also benefit your mental health! You’ll know exactly where to look for that random skillet or that rarely used frozen yogurt maker when you need it. Appropriately functioning kitchens make it easier and more efficient to fill your heart with joy.

We are introducing Convoy Lavido, efficient and effective pantry storage by Dell Anno. The Ultra-flexible pull-out system is compatible with any front panel making it ideal for all types of kitchen layouts.

Convoy Lavido is more than just a storage system; it also ensures that products are presented in a visually and emotionally appealing manner. This elegant larder unit is suitable for use in modern kitchens, pantries, and gourmet areas.

A large number of intelligent details is exactly what you would expect from a storage system that claims to offer premium technology.

Dell Anno Convoy Lavido Benefits:

  • Single-tube support frame and “floating” trays
  • Tray height can be ergonomically adjusted to provide the maximum comfort and functionality.
  • Silent and smooth opening and closure.
  • Access and a clear view from three sides
  • Barrierless retrieval, so optimal use of space – even on the top trays

Design variants

  • Arena tray with plug-in glass sides
  • Support post: Chrome and Anthracite.
  • Wood tray: White and Anthracite.

Having a functional kitchen needs smart decisions, and the Convoy Lavido by Dell Anno is the perfect choice for modern living. If you want more information about this amazing product and other kitchen update opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Dell Anno can help you to customize and develop the Stage of your dreams. So, check out our stores on the link below.

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