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Bridges in time 

Traveling through the landscapes of the place of origin is to stroll down the air lightly; it is to feel its aromas, its sounds, to discover its colors; it is to feel its strength and energy. It is letting yourself get intoxicated by affective memories with open ties that insist on keeping us connected as a foundation, but at the same time it also invites us to soar high in life, always looking ahead. A mix of memories and everlasting inspiration. An Invitation to dive into its narrative tissue full of symbols and meanings, as bridges in time connecting us directly to the origin of its history.  Yesterday and today together designing a new tomorrow.

In these times new cycles are built on understanding the real meaning of our journeys and how the encounter with the roots is the great strength of our expression.

An expanding cultural scenario, it inspires and teaches that the celebration of life is the celebration of our space, of who we are, and our surroundings enhanced in the products that carry their codes. It is something particular and special, full of inheritances and a lot of sensitivity, which makes us unique in the purpose of always innovating and enchanting with its creations. The great value of showing the world the motivations that make us unique while being part of the global context.

The local tissue, which we call territory, is also a huge lab, full of references, enhancing and valuing our identity(ies). People, trajectories, choices, authenticity.  Experiences immersed in emotions, suspending the course of time and allowing a feast of the senses.

Narratives of a brand that overcomes challenges, faithful to its basic concepts, uniting the human and the technological.

The plasticity of the place feeds the soul in its singular color that only local light can provide. The delight of enjoying these almost escaping moments allow us to navigate on its infinite horizon.


An emotional bond that spreads in images and suggestions and validates its eternal beauty to be discovered. A full-time creative connection that differentiates, validates and guides choices, highlighting values.

In a world driven by the ephemeral and by speed, the pleasure of enjoying the fragments of time and history of the brand; to find an echo of these landscapes reflected in the aesthetic choices of each collection merging essence and creation; constantly building their narratives based on their origins, personalizing paths and maintaining the emotional bond on a journey full of discoveries.

What matters today is the real value of the symbolic meaning translated into products. In the multiplicity of offers, enabling the prestige of roots beyond ephemeral cycles, in a new relationship with time and representativeness of products and our choices.

Dell Anno world spreads the poetry of its enthrone with elegance and sophistication, strengthening the bonds of its pillars of history and identity, in the dynamics of its constant evolution. To understand where we are, what brought us here, and what lies ahead, we invite you to watch the movie Timeless, which strengthens Dell Anno’s commitment and reaffirms our purpose. Just as we are grounded in our past, we build the future with the wisdom that time is our ally in tomorrow’s architecture. Watch the movie, on the link below.

Dell Anno can help you to customize and develop the Stage of your dreams. So, check out our stores on the link below.

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