Invite nature into your home

Inspired by nature, wood veneers create a warm and pleasant ambiance.

When it comes to creating art, we often look at nature for inspiration. From music, fashion, architecture, and design in general, nature has always been our most significant source of inspiration. This is because nature does bring not only aesthetic coherence but also function and effectiveness. This makes it a good design and art model in which designers and artists reference their masterpieces. Nature has a more profound art than any of the styles created by man, yet it can blend and connect effortlessly and be home among them.

The design of your interior space, kitchen, and furniture is often a reflection of you and your story. Nature, like art, is subjective, and the natural elements that trigger a feeling will be different for each person. Some may feel awed and inspired by the flow and curves of a woodland stream, while others feel calm and connected to the quiet morning view of the vast green forest.

In order to create a strongly nature-inspired design, it is best to go beyond the ordinary natural materials to discover your preferences and certain natural elements that genuinely captivate you. You’ll be able to create a design that conveys your feelings in an abstract yet captivating way by capturing the essence of the natural shape that you most strongly identify with.

Dell Anno offers a wide range of wood Veneer Finishes to bring nature into your home design.

Dell Anno Reconstituted Veneer Finishes

Reconstituted wood veneer is created with consistency using real wood from natural, renewable sources. It consists of several slices of wood laminated together. The resulting block of wood is then sliced in the opposite direction from the initial slices so that its edges become the grain of the reconstituted veneer. The result is an eco-friendly veneer, free from natural defects, and with long-last durability.

The reconstituted veneer samples that we have are:

  • American Oak

In folklore, oak is a symbol of strength and longevity. Characterized by its distinctive grain pattern and abundant angular pores that produce a wonderful flake pattern, American oak is the ideal choice for those who love the warmth of the wood effect and, at the same time, demand practicality and functionality


  • Salmwood

Salmwood it’s a tropical wood also known as “Brazilian Walnut”. It features a functional honey yellow woodgrain exhibiting modern understated elegance. Combine Salmwood veneer with neutral color palette to blend modern touches with natural elements.

  • Noce Catedral

The Noce Catedral gives the cabinetry the classic and elegant touch of Italian walnut. Its texture is crown cut with filled pore and has a vertical direction. Because of its distinctive grain texture and somewhat darker color, it is an elegant finish to use in modern or contemporary kitchens

  • Ironwood

This is one of the world’s most loved veneers. It ranges in color from lustrous chocolate-brown to purple-black and features a characteristic cathedral pattern. Choose between matte or glossy finishes and add elegance and personality to your room.

Dell Anno Rovere Veneer Finishes

Natural oak wood veneer extracted from managed and sustainable forests. Featuring a beautiful straight grain, it is finished with a high-quality matte lacquer that enhances its open grains and makes it durable.

  • Natural Rovere

Natural Rovere is made with a selected oak quarter cut veneer and varnished to a satin finish, which allows the woodgrain to show in its natural beauty. It’s the perfect choice for those who are looking for natural and timeless feel.


  • White Rovere

This timeless and sleek white lacquered veneer adds an elegant clean look to cabinetry and furniture. It’s a perfect material for creating a contemporary luxury interior.

  • Silver Rovere

Silver Rovere enhances the style of every kitchen with its versatile and timeless color and grain texture. Regardless of what design style you choose to incorporate in your kitchen, a silver Rovere wood veneer finish will surely complement and complete the look.


  • Black Rovere

Impeccable oak veneer lacquered in matte black creates an eloquent statement of elegance and personality to any room.

    • Copper Rovere

    Natural Oak veneer stained in creamy brown color. It’s warm and elegant color combined with the oak open pore texture creates a classic yet sophisticated atmosphere for your home.


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