Poets Of Lines

Poets of Lines

What can a single trace reveal? Architecture is poetry printed in forms, it is history evidenced in styles. A symbolic sketch can contemplate the most diverse narratives, feelings and centuries of ideas and concepts.


The poet of this work, more than being the one who designs spaces with clever solutions to the most diverse goals, is largely responsible for transforming the way we inhabit, live and act. This is the professional who expresses and immortalizes memories in art and translates an era to the present day.

Dell Anno pays a special tribute to all architects, it is more than a celebration of talent, it is a reverence to the ancestors who have left unique physical marks in the history of mankind, as in the well-known cities of Milan, Barcelona, Paris, New York and São Paulo.

Dell Anno congratulates all those artists who believe in doing things differently and transforming our current reality: Our Poets of Lines!

Congratulations to everyone who leaves their mark on history.

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