The company was featured in the Custom Hotel Cabinetry Category at the 11th edition of the Hotel Industry Outstanding Award from the Brazilian magazine Revista Hotéis.

The award is the most prestigious honor bestowed upon hoteliers in Brazil, and it is determined by the votes of thousands of industry professionals. According to Edgar Oliveira, director of Revista Hotéis, hotel professionals were able to vote in thirty-six distinct categories. “To democratize, we accepted personal email votes, which were also duly audited. The screening of the system, the rigor in the validation was thorough. We spent four days checking each one of over 18,000 votes received,” said Edgar.

According to Unicasa, the award represents the culmination of more than four hundred team members’ efforts to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to corporate clients. “It’s an accomplishment that fills us with joy and motivation, and most importantly, it proves that we’re on the right track. We expect to keep growing organically in the future, delivering perfect corporate projects and bringing a package of solutions to meet the market’s most diverse demands. As we see it, this industry is composed of partnerships, exchange of experiences, and an open dialogue approach, always considering the benefit of our clients who will use Unicasa Corporate cabinets,” says company manager Paulo R. Bellenzier Junior.

Unicasa Corporate is a division of Unicasa Móveis, already recognized as one of the largest and most modern custom cabinetry manufacturers. The only company in the industry that is publicly traded on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (UCAS3). This branch is dedicated exclusively to the sale of diverse enterprise projects: construction companies, hotels, and resorts, hospitals, short and long-stay residential accommodations, as well as student accommodations.

One of the distinctions is the one-stop-shop service, which allows consumers to find products and solutions in one place, with all the quality and technology that Unicasa has offered for years in the custom-made cabinetry segment. Within this system, a special emphasis is placed on a project consulting with an industrial focus, optimizing materials for manufacturing efficiency and ensuring the best cost-benefit ratio without sacrificing originality and concept, designing projects with an internal architecture team, and developing products to meet the most varied demands generating safe and effective business to all partners.

Unicasa’s corporate team receiving the awards.

Unicasa is also concerned with benefiting the whole purchasing process by implementing organizational solutions, which guarantee fast and high-standard delivery. The cabinets installation is performed by trained professionals, ensuring quality in the execution and the best customer experience – including the after-sales service, where customer maintenance is worked through sustainable business. In addition to its high-tech manufacturing, with one of the most technological production lines in Latin America, Unicasa is committed to being one of the largest companies in the custom hotel cabinetry category.

It is crucial to highlight that corporate opportunities are extended overseas, with organizational projects already accomplished in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica, the United States (where the company has a corporate office to serve multi-family business), and most recently it is established in Portugal, to begin its expansion in European territory.

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