Tandembox Drawers System

Smooth Control

Tandembox is a dell anno metal drawer system catering to every conceivable application. All tandembox come with full extension runners allowing total access to the drawer interior and a smooth gliding action even under extreme loads. Integrated blumotion means all tandembox close in a smooth controlled manner. The drawer can be left open-sided or added to with box-sides to give the appearance of a solid drawer. Tandembox is available in white and gray finishes.

Tandembox Benefits

• Easy Opening – Minimal opening forces and an even smoother transition to the feather-light glide ensure that pull-outs and drawers open with ultimate ease.
• Easy Adjustment – The drawer system features a fully integrated three-dimensional adjustment mechanism.
• Adaptive System – The adaptive system reduces the closing forces on a drawer or pull-out, always ensuring a silent and smooth closing motion.
• Optimal Access – Tandembox drawers provide everything you need for optimal storage space usage and an ergonomic workflow.

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