Cleaning and Cooking Agent

Cleaning has never been so easy

Stuff needed for cleaning is often stored in the kitchen, but it gets used all over the home. Dell anno’s solution is our portable cleaning agent. The caddy, complete with the many containers, lifts right out of the pull-out. It serves as a functional organizer for cleaning materials so that they’re always ready to hand wherever you’re working.

Photo: @cleverstoragede

Organization is the key to the kitchen

Users pick the elements they want and organize them to suit themselves. Dell Anno’s Cooking AGENT has space for everything – spices, oils, sauces, chopping boards, knives, even plates and bowls. With secure holders for storing condiments and oils. The sturdy railing and adjustable dividers hold bottles and jars securely in place. Cooking AGENT is a true extension pull-out. It drives all the contents completely out in front of the cabinet.

Photo: @cleverstoragede

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