Stunning Jangadas House 

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The stunning Jangadas House 30, located in the beautiful Praia do Forte, Brazil, was built by Dell Anno Salvador Store, and designed by architect Daniel Bastos.

The project began with the innovative premise of an integrated, functional home built with rustic materials and wide-open spaces. Additionally, the double height ceilings of nearly 20 feet provide excellent lighting and natural ventilation.

The idea of integrating the living room, dining room and kitchen is practical and facilitates access to the rooms, making everyday life more functional for a young couple and their three children. In the kitchen of this house, Dell Anno is present with Organic wood in the wall cabinets and the Goya finish on the countertop.

In the gourmet area, the colors contrast and the Dell Anno cabinets bring relaxation and a sense of coziness to the space. For this space, the architect chose the Goya finish for the kitchen countertop and the Goya glass for the wall cabinets

The primary bedroom has a serene atmosphere with its light and airy color palette. The decor features Renoir wood wall panels and a Goya finish TV cabinet, which bring a touch of elegance and sophistication.

The Jangadas House 30 is a sleek, minimalist, and ultra-modern architectural project developed by the Daniel Bastos Architecture + Design office in partnership with the Dell Anno Salvador store.

Visit the ArchDaily website to see the complete project.

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