Inspired by nature

The process of selecting the most appropriate material to finish the kitchen is a daunting task. It is more than just picking the right color or texture to match the overall design of the interior. Some material finishes can work just fine for a kitchen while others do not. This is why most people often decide to renovate the kitchen and change the finishes.

Reconstituted Veneer Finishes

Reconstituted wood veneer is consistently created using real wood from natural, renewable sources. It consists of several slices of wood laminated together.

The resulting wood block is then sliced in the opposite direction from the initial slices so that its edges become the grain of the reconstituted veneer. The result is an eco-friendly veneer, free from natural defects and long-lasting durability.

Rovere Veneer Finishes

Natural oak wood veneer extracted from managed and sustainable forests. Featuring a beautiful straight grain, it is finished with a high-quality matte lacquer that enhances its open grains and makes it durable.

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