The Manufacturing
of Dell Anno lacquers FINISHES

Wide Range of Options 

Color is a true architectonic element which that can dramatically define space perception and atmosphere, while contributing to creating a room’s emotional depth.  Dell Anno has been enriching its lacquer collection, offering a wide range of color options developed through technological innovation.

High Gloss Lacquer Finish

High-gloss finish is an impressive addition to the modern kitchen. Glossy cabinets reflect light effectively and make a room feel brighter and more prominent. Easy cleaning is one of the biggest advantages of high-gloss kitchens. Any stains and marks are simply wiped off, minimizing the effort you need to put into cleaning. They also offer fantastic waterproof qualities without needing any special sealing or treatments.

Matte Lacquer Finish

The exclusive matte lacquer finish gives the surfaces a highly delicate touch and feel, an original feature for a kitchen. The look is naturally matte, while it gives a pleasing sensation of a highly fine-grain surface to the touch, velvety and firm, which doesn’t show fingerprints and has a higher-than-average scratch resistance.

Metallic Lacquer Finish

Dell Anno´s metallic lacquer is created by mixing the color base with powdered metal composed of aluminum scales, which are appropriately processed. A special application ensures that the metal powder stays flat on the surface and is distributed dynamically. Every scale is then able to reflect the light uniquely.

Dell Anno can help you to customize and develop the Stage of your dreams. So, check out our stores on the link below. We are here to create your desire.

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