The Wonders of Walk-In Closets — Adapted to Fit Personal Tastes

Multitude of Benefits

Adding a walk-in closet to the home is an easy home improvement project and it can bring a multitude of benefits to the owner. Walk-in closets can increase the resale value of the property and provide extra storage space. Additionally, wider, more open spaces are the easiest to clean and organize when compared to compact closets. This blog post will shed light on the Dell Anno sleek, sophisticated, and stunning walk-in closets — ideal for any home!

Customizable in terms of height and depth, with corner versions also available, the Walk-In Spazio closets can be adapted to fit personal tastes with a large array of internal features and finishes. In this project, the interior of the cabinets in Nude melamine is combined with eco-leather back panels and drawer fronts. The side panels feature LED recessed profiles, while the island unit is embellished with integrated handle drawer fronts finished in Capelli matte lacquer.

Designed with drawers or shelves, the Island module is the perfect central element to complete any Dell Anno walk-in closet. It offers space for jewels and valuables, or emotional and simple but priceless memories. The lower section offers room to store boxes and other containers, and, needless to say, the entire island adds to the visual aesthetics of the room. 

Spacious cabinets allow displaying items at substantial distances from one another, so each piece makes a statement of its own. Furthermore, the overhead accent lighting installed will make your favorite items stand out and act as pieces of art! Such display and organization also mean easier and quicker choices while dressing up every day.

Minimalist and Understated

The overall feeling of this walk-in closet design is minimalist and understated. With the cool, neutral tones, the space retains a contemporary atmosphere. However, it is kept from the cold by laying down an area rug to increase the texture and the use of wooden elements for the slat wall adding a touch of warmth.

There is enough room for organizing clothing and other belongings, hiding storage boxes away, and storing essentials in closed drawers. As a result, this design concept prioritizes functionality while also adding to visual aesthetics. This ensures that owners can make the most of their closet as they use it, as well as when they decide to sell their property in the future.

With geometries fitting every architectural space, storage elements that can be perfectly customized, and a wide range of accessories, Dell Anno has Closet Systems that are flexible and functional, yet at the same time, stunning! With experienced craftsmanship, and sophisticated, modern design, Dell Anno enhances your home and lifestyle. 

Dell Anno can help you to customize and develop the Stage of your dreams. So, check out our stores on the link below.

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