Contemporary Custom Kitchens and Closets to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Stylish cabinets are essential to the functionality and interior design of a contemporary kitchen.  Every kitchen requires a lot of storage solutions in order to bring practicality and organization to our daily lives.  Some of the most modern and versatile kitchen cabinets from the Groove Kitchen Collection conceal the appliances inside for a more modern feel. Groove is a new collection by Dell Anno, an international brand of custom kitchen and closet systems known for its sophisticated, modern, and functional design. Combining technology and experienced craftsmanship, the company delivers premium materials in exclusive finishes to enhance your lifestyle.  The ideal layout for those who are ready for a revolution in kitchen space.

Let’s explore some of its most exciting features!

Drawers Under the Kitchen Island with an Integrated Handle

The island is embellished by the symmetry of an integrated handle, handmade and beautifully finished in matte lacquer.  The simple elegance of the doors is brought to life by the integrated handle grip, creating a play of lines along with units in configurations. 

Pocket Door Column Units

The Pocket Door Column Units are the international timeless design of a kitchen cabinet, they feature a versatile arrangement of elements and create solutions that, above all, increase the functionality of an open space concept.  An open kitchen dominated by the luminosity and natural accent of the Noce Catedral veneer and One matte lacquer, adding more beauty and luxury to your home.  The Pocket Door System is perfect to create a wet bar, store pantries, or items of everyday use in it.

Pocket Door Columns in Noce Catedral Veneer

Conceal the Appliances

When designing a space that will be used regularly, versatility is essential. It needs to be capable of creating different scenarios for multiple activities. The Pocket Door System is used to conceal spaces, that can be opened as needed. Once the columns are open, they look like shelves and create a new spacious look. This door system adds sleekness, style, and functionality to any kitchen design, creating harmony and visual balance. 

Comes with A Built-in Cutlery Tray

The Groove kitchen collection has many exciting features and details that reflect exceptional craftsmanship.
Among them is the integrated cutlery tray in the drawer to keep everything tidy, each section has a different height to accommodate different-sized utensils. No need to spend time looking for a fork in a messy drawer.

Legrabox Drawer with A Cutlery Tray 

This cutlery tray is finished in a fine Teak wood that will transport you to the forest when you open the Legrabox drawer.  Not only beautiful and natural, but it also keeps your kitchen tidy and saves time by giving each piece of cutlery a place to be found in an instant.

Bottom Line

Dell Anno kitchens are tailor-made, customizable solutions, specially designed to offer you maximum personalization to celebrate life.  The wide range of compositions, colors, and materials will allow you to choose a complete and coordinated interior design and create a unique home environment. 

Dell Anno can help you to customize and develop the Stage of your dreams. So, check out our stores on the link below.

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