Minimalist and Modern Kitchen Design That Transcends Trends — The Groove Kitchen Collection

Contemporary, versatile, and functional … These are the main adjectives that describe the Groove Kitchen Collection.

With its sleek profile fronts and sophisticated color palette, the interior of this stylish custom kitchen is what minimalist interior design dreams are made of. With its unique features and custom design, Groove is ideal for those who feel ready for a kitchen space revolution!

The simple elegance of the cabinet doors is brought to life by the integrated handle grip, which creates a play of lines with the units in configurations. The monochromatic gray interior maintains its visual interest by incorporating patterns. For example, through the stylish marble tiles used for the kitchen flooring. This, too, gives the room practical function and timeless beauty.

A glass-front cabinet gives a glimpse into the interior of the storage units and displays elegant shelves paired with built-in lights. 

Essential and Geometric Lines

The Kitchen is distinguished by its essential and geometric lines, with full and open spaces finished in Grigio matte lacquer.  In addition, wood accents are incorporated – a hallmark of contemporary yet warm design that keeps it from feeling cold and sterile. To this end, the walls are covered with glossy Ironwood veneer panels that add a touch of classic glamor. The balance between natural and rational is what keeps it timeless!

Open shelving in the cabinets allows for the display of decor pieces and other essentials.
And of course, a touch of greenery has been incorporated through potted houseplants.

This custom kitchen focuses on aesthetics while not compromising on functionality.  The storage spaces and drawers are optimized so they can be leveraged to the maximum.  As such, the base cabinet features Legrabox drawers and a cutlery tray in Teak wood.  This section is ideal for storing (and at the same time organizing) cutlery and other similar essentials.

The smooth countertops without small appliances contribute to an uncluttered, streamlined design and emphasize the minimalist aesthetic of the space.

This stunning kitchen design is entirely from Dell Anno, an international brand of custom kitchen and closet systems known for its sophisticated, modern, and functional design. Its unique feature is designed to offer maximum personalization. The wide range of materials, colors, and compositions allows you to create a complete and coordinated interior design that suits your personal taste and style.

The use of technology, experience, and craftsmanship at Dell Anno leads to exceptional results to enhance your quality of life, as shown in the Groove Kitchen Collection above!

Dell Anno can help you to customize and develop the Stage of your dreams. So, check out our stores on the link below.

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