Exciting Features of Fly Walk-In Open Closet System

The trend of having an open closet system is on the surge. An open closet system keeps your belongings sorted and perfectly organized. It is the most favorable choice for home décor devotees—especially those living in compact apartments. It allows you to make the most of your wardrobe and helps you stay organized. 

An open closet system displays your wardrobe—making your room appear wider. You must install warm lights within your wardrobe to brighten up the wardrobe and create a feeling of a larger room. A closet system must also include drawers to keep your belongings right in place. 

Fly Walk-In: A Functional yet Attractive Open Closet System

Fly Walk-In is designed to inspire our choices. It allows you to organize the space elegantly and efficiently at the same time. The wall panels and shelves are available in different finishes and custom dimensions, ensuring the system has the absolute flexibility it needs to accommodate any design requirements. It responds to your changing needs according to time and trends. 

Open Closet System

Fly is a distinctive open closet system characterized by its innovative and versatile design. Thanks to the combination of wall panels and storage elements that come with it. It offers flexibility and functionality—all at once. Creating unique closet arrangements that ensure maximum visual comfort. This closet system also adds décor to the entire wall with the panels having wooden accents that cover the wall to provide it a background. The entire closet system follows the same theme that creates harmony in design and monotony in the color palette. In this open closet system, wall panels, shelves, and drawers come in Gardet oak finish. This uniformity and simplicity of design add minimalist aesthetics to your space. 

Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are also included in this closet system to meet your needs and give it a modern touch. The glass shelves and cloth hangers are finished in black varnished aluminum to add more style and sophistication to the space. These see-through shelves create an illusion and make the space appear wider. The cloth hanger is finished in black varnished aluminum to add more grace to the entire design.

Built-in Drawer Organizer

The drawer organizers are finished in eco-leather that looks absolutely elegant along with providing efficient storage options. Dell Anno is an international custom kitchen and closet systems brand known for its sophisticated, modern, and functional design. We combine technology and experienced craftsmanship, delivering premium materials in exclusive finishes to enhance your lifestyle.


Open closet systems are rapidly gaining popularity among the available wardrobe storage options. Dell Anno’s stylish and contemporary open closet design reflects remarkable craftsmanship through its tailor-made customizable solutions in the form of kitchen systems and closets. With geometries fitting every architectural space, storage elements that can be perfectly customized, and a wide range of accessories, Dell Anno has Closet Systems that are flexible and functional, yet at the same time deliver unique aesthetics 

Dell Anno can help you to customize and develop the Stage of your dreams. So, check out our stores on the link below.

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