Exciting Features of Timeless Frame Kitchen Collection

Kitchen cabinets are essential for every residential and commercial space, making them easier to use on a daily basis. These cabinets come with a perfect opportunity to add style, luxury, and sophistication to the interior design of a space. Dell Anno is an international custom kitchen and closet system brand known for its elegant, modern, and functional design. We combine technology and experienced craftsmanship, delivering premium materials in exclusive finishes to enhance our lifestyle.

Frame kitchen by Dell Anno has cabinet designs that go beyond traditional cupboards and include several notable features. This new collection seamlessly blends the most classic and modern elements to create a kitchen that is ultimately timeless. Its sky-high cabinets can keep the walls clear and elongate high ceilings, adding a chic look to your kitchen.

Frame Kitchen Collection

Frame Collection is meant to make the kitchen fully enjoyable. The kitchen’s open and concealed storage areas are balanced by the Fly open shelving unit with LED recessed light, wall units, and tall units adorned in Hygge elm.

Here are some exciting features of the Frame Kitchen Collection by Dell Anno that will make your space more modern!

Fly Open Shelving Unit

Skip the doors and go for open cabinets. Fly open shelving unit makes cooking easier and allows you to display your beautiful cookware and tableware. The Fly open shelving unit has an LED recessed light, and the wall units and tall units are embellished in Hygge elm to create a luxurious ambiance.

Illuminated Back Panel

The Island unit adds elegance and functionality to the space where you can also store functional accessories for the cooking area. The K panel is the illuminated back panel with a black aluminum frame. The upper section can be used to insert functional kitchen accessories. While the illuminated back panel works as a layer of task lighting to assist in preparing healthy meals. The Island unit adds a touch of classic and practicality to the space, combining One shaker door with the minimal design of an illuminated Gola profile.

Build into the Island

Dell Anno helps you get a more functional space out of your kitchen island by modifying it with additional drawers and cabinets. It adds extra storage space with style by incorporating decorative hues, sleek finishes, and literally no use of hardware.

Sky-High Cabinets

Frame Collection offers an additional yet concealed storage facility to your kitchen with its sky-high cabinets. It utilizes the space above the counters or cooking range to incorporate another layer of cabinets. Check out this amazing design of the frame kitchen collection by Dell Anno. 


With a wide variety of colors and materials, the contemporary kitchen designs offered by Dell Anno allow for maximum personalization. You can create a one-of-a-kind home environment by selecting a complete and coordinated interior design. The Frame Collection is distinguished by timeless beauty, the result of a harmonious combination of creativity, experience, and hand-crafted processes—creating a classic and modern architectural atmosphere.

Dell Anno can help you to customize and develop the Stage of your dreams. So, check out our stores on the link below.

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