A Modern Yet Timeless Kitchen Design

Classic and Modern Architectural Atmosphere

Frame Collection by Dell Anno is characterized by timeless beauty, the result of creativity, experience, and hand-crafted processes that are harmoniously combined, creating a classic and modern architectural atmosphere.

The space offers a harmonious balance of classic and modern. The sleek white background creates the ultimate contemporary look, while the statement stone-topped countertops and backsplash further enhance the modern environment and add the wow factor to the space. The use of the same material for the countertops and backsplash here adds a high-end look, adding luxury to the otherwise simple space.

A traditional and classic touch is incorporated by bringing in warmer wood tones. This is primarily done through the wooden flooring and furniture — it is an ideal compromise that adds a dash of character and warmth to the space while still keeping the overall look modern and fresh.

The color palette of this custom-made kitchen is sophisticated and balanced, featuring hues of dark gray, white, and beige. The large window occupied by glass allows plenty of natural light to illuminate the interior. This is further enhanced by artificial light sources to create a bright, welcoming ambiance.

To achieve this design, lighting is layered in the kitchen. A pendant light is installed over the table, acting as ambient lighting and generally illuminating the space. This is complemented by task lighting in the form of under-cabinet LEDs.

Alternating materials and finishes

 A great match for different styles of decor, the kitchen features alternating materials and finishes for a look that is guaranteed to enhance your home. Base cabinets are embellished with Shaker doors in Stone matte lacquer, while the wall and tall cabinets are in Monroe matte lacquer.

Together, this diversity in materials adds visual interest to the kitchen and diversifies the use of textures, creating a space that is appealing in subtle ways.

Keeping things organized

The Legrabox drawers by Dell Anno have an original design that combines functional perfection with aesthetic integrity. The drawers keep things organized, with different sections for various kitchen supplies. Both solutions provide plenty of space for hidden storage while keeping the kitchen and counters neat and tidy.

An Unique Interior

Dell Anno kitchens offer maximum personalization, with a diverse variety of colors and materials. This enables you to select a fully coordinated interior design tailored to your personal taste and style. With Dell Anno, you can expect an interior that is truly unique to your personality while offering the utmost functionality and aesthetics.


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