K Concept PaneL

Lighting Up the Kitchen

K Concept is a light panel that allows the worktop to be illuminated in an elegant and comfortable way.

You can use it to unite modernity and praticality to the kitchen. Its LED technology allows both functional use of light and creation of a scenic atmosphere at kitchen.

K Panel features a wide range of organizer accessories that make day-to-day life easier and can be customized to meet design needs.


The dedicated line of accessories, including shelves, rool holders and electrical sockets, allows you to organize the workspace better. 

Let´s Get Technical

Activation and switch systems:

Remote control, integrated touch sensor, smart touch sensor, smart switch, wireless motion detector sentor and wired motion detector sensor.

Light panel configuration: Frontal Light Panel/ Frontal and Top Light panel.
Color temperature configuration: Warm White (3000K) and Neutral White (4000K)

Panel thickness 20 mm (13/16 in) and height 380 mm (14 15/16 in).
Customizable width from 200 up to 2400 mm // 7 7/8 up to 94 1/2.


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