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One of the main advantages of an electronic and a biometric lock for a closet is that they provide a high level of security since the user’s PIN code and the biometric data is unique and cannot be easily replicated. This eliminates the need for keys that can be lost or stolen and ensures that only authorized individuals can access the closet.

Several Benefits

Use your unique fingerprint to lock and unlock your drawers. The Biometric Lock brings all the convenience and security rights to your fingertips with advanced biometric technology.

Eletronic lock

Make it easier to control the access to your personal objects. Lock is electrically released with a correct PIN code entered on the keypad.


Let´s Get Technical

Biometric and Electronic Lock availability:
for drawers with Heights 187, 249 and 376mm // 7 3/8, 9 13/16 and 14 13/16 inches.
The device is compatible with Melamine, Lacquer, Wood Veneer, Cleft and Provençal* doors
*Only for H 249 and 376 mm // 9 13/16 and 14 13/16 inches.

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