Unicasa invests $18 million in a new industrial line

Unicasa Indústria de Móveis S.A., one of the largest custom cabinetry companies in Brazil and the only Brazilian company listed on the stock market, is making a big investment in new machinery, totaling $ 18 million in 2023. The new technology aims to optimize the company’s industrial facilities, increase flexibility, and further customize the production line.

“We understand that customers want more options to customize their spaces, so we are constantly seeking innovations to offer a complete and tailored portfolio to meet every need, with the shortest delivery time,” says Guilherme Possebon de Oliveira, Unicasa’s financial director.

The plant’s competitive advantage lies in its advanced technology and the agility with which it launches new products, allowing Unicasa to develop at scale with lower costs. The plant’s new German-made production line is set to start operations in the second half of the year, supporting the expansion of the network of exclusive dealers strategically located and standardized to suit each brand’s proposal: Dell Anno, New, and Casa Brasileira.

In 2022, Unicasa achieved an impressive 11.8% increase in gross revenue compared to the previous year, reaching $ 56,6 million, according to the company’s results release.

With its continued commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Unicasa is well-positioned for further growth and success in the custom cabinetry industry.


Note: The figures presented in the previous article are based on the latest exchange rate between the US dollar and the Brazilian real. The initial investment was R$100 million and the total gross revenue was R$298.6 million in Brazilian reals.

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