Infinity Dots

Enchanting and surprising in infinite possibilities!

Our journeys are blended between the digital and physical universes, expanding our way of seeing and observing the surroundings. Among the countless images that inhabit our imagination, driven by the stream of posts, articles, and inspirations that the online universe presents to us every second, there is a search for the gaze of what enchants us. Confessing today that enchantment is not an easy task. And the challenge is set amidst so many novelties. Perhaps surprising is the more correct word.

A few weeks ago, the colors of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, or rather the colorful “dots,” took on a dimension never seen before and, in an extraordinary way, invited us to immerse ourselves in her world through the century-old Louis Vuitton brand.

Yayoi Kusama and Louis Vuitton already have a history built since 2012, when Marc Jacobs invited her to create a line with pieces that became iconic, combining the brand’s monogram with her art expressions. But what emerges 12 years later is something more surreal and fantastic, extending her expressive force around the world.

This strategy allows us to fully immerse in a unique panoramic experience. The artist’s aesthetic codes blend with the architecture, collections, storefronts, and interiors of the brand’s stores around the world. And it all started in Japan, the artist’s country of origin. An experience in each address from decoration to products, combining craftsmanship and technology, presenting, for example, a robot by the artist in the storefronts and crowds of people forming in front of them to watch this spectacle. Talking about New York and London. Then making the artist’s body gains extraordinary dimensions alongside the store buildings. Playful installations that stir emotions, beyond commercial spaces.

And if enchantment and curiosity instigate the gaze, imagination runs wild in the physical environment as well as in the digital space, which is equally an invitation to experimentation. From filters created for social networks to a series of mini-games developed to discover the collection, everything converges into discovery and experimentation. The collection unfolded and released in drops at different moments and times creates more desire and attention. A very well-structured, intriguing project, strategically designed and presented, combining all the brand’s spaces and products. Not to mention the campaign photographed by Steven Meisel.

The Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collection and installations, Infinity Dots, encompass the themes of Painted Dots, Metal Dots, Infinity Dots, and Psychedelic Flower by Yayoi Kusama, transforming the Louis Vuitton universe into a gallery and store at the same time.

The “polka dot priestess,” as the artist was called in the 1970s, for translating the luminous dots that appeared in her mind in childhood into polka dots. Misunderstood, tormented, and with premature mental instability. These elements became the foundations of her art and her success.

“I cannot imagine a life different from being an artist.” Her universe is an invitation to infinity. Among her multiple expressions of art, with her motifs repeated obsessively over the decades, she has conquered the world’s most important art spaces.

Art and fashion united once again in this collection of great visual impact, emotional power, and communicative strength. Bags, clothes, glasses, sneakers, perfumes, jewelry, walls, sets, and screens received brushstrokes, where colors, movement, and shapes narrate Yayoi Kusama’s artistic creative force. Strengthened by technology, they transcend the obvious, the space, and the time.

Beyond the colors, another iconic motif is present in this collab: the metallic dots, equally inspired by the artist’s work. Always in different sizes, on objects and scenarios, the spheres mirror and reflect images in front of them. Futuristic elements and ephemerality that enchant as infinite mirrors of moments.

A creative experience that meets the desires of the brand and the artist when she says: “In this project, I would like to share my artistic philosophy and my thoughts with everyone.” Certainly, a charming shared world with different surprises in every place.

A beautiful moment that shows the celebration of this important artist in a sum of languages and expressions that unite fashion, art, design, and architecture, turning the retail fashion space into a space of emotions, sensations, discoveries, and enchantment.

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