Milan: The Future is Now!

Future Lab was the theme of Milan Design Week 2023. A Laboratory understood as an open space for observation, exchange of ideas, experimentation, and participation in the search for current solutions while designing a better tomorrow.

Once again, the city prepares in extraordinary style and embraces design in spectacular fashion. More events, more innovations, and countless connections. 
So much to see and learn in this fresh moment. 

The Light was the center of attention. Euroluce 2023, in its 31st edition, featured numerous innovations. The light sculpture, the light scenography, the light desire, and the cozy light. Nature as a source of inspiration in organic, fluid, light, and dancing forms. Geometric lighting that is precise and stimulating. Natural materials, various weaves, and a great deal of technology!  LED transforms. However, everything is designed with the human being at the center of the process and their interaction with light in mind. Lighting that enhances the senses of comfort, well-being, and personalization.

Living in Milan this week means seeing design as the protagonist in all segments. It is to understand historical and artistic memory spaces that receive contemporary creations. 


Yesterday and today have been linked and celebrated. A gathering of creators and creative ones! Aesthetic challenges in a dialogue attempting to save techniques, processes, and their relationship to time. The speed with which everything advances, as well as the coexistence and discoveries with immersions in dreamlike labyrinths, as an invitation to wander and go above the limits of creativity. 

Fashion was very present this year. The presentation of Home Furnishing lines, the intensification of experiences as well as the valuing of handicrafts, and the expression of their narratives and concepts. From Louis Vuitton’s Objects Nomades and guest designers to Versace’s lighter prints and flowers that fit perfectly into the spaces, Dolce & Gabbana’s and Roberto Cavalli’s intensity, and Etro’s romanticism, which included a new chair and a collection of fabrics inspired by their stories, there was something for everyone. A special highlight for the plume and the coziness of the proposals. Observing and entering the universe designed by JW Anderson for Loewe. Weaves, materials, and colors, everything as a creative experience and tribute to handicraft techniques.

Figure 2 – LOEWE

When it comes to fashion, no one beats the great master of Italian clothing, Giorgio Armani. In the gardens of the Orsini Palace, which were open for the first time, a line of outdoor settings was presented. Lines that are precise but fluid, lightness of colors, and points of light with some chromatic intensity. 

Finally, each brand emphasized their essence and references. They displayed the significance of DNA enhancement, line extensions, and special creations.
Excellent lighting and furniture scenes. Featuring organic, natural shapes, a variety of textures, and plenty of coziness. Furniture that embraces and invites you to spend time together for a long time. The color palettes can be fun, intense, or soft. They’re all lovely! The radiance of gold and silver spoke volumes!
Talking about textures, the fabric in an exhibition catches the eye. Futur Liberty. From the Liberty House collection, presented for the first time, William Morris designs and the futuristic proposals of the second decade of the 20th century, reflections on the future, now! 
Sustainability, the importance of sharing, and network connections. Real and digital meet and integrate. Artificial intelligence is present. An increasingly broad, challenging, and creative universe. In the search for solutions, we see the intensity of collaborations, partnerships, and experiences.  
The city was a hub of infinite information and inspiration celebrating design. An edition to cherish and inspire new creative movements.
A daily coverage was posted during the Design Week with all the perceptions and interventions we experienced in the city that breathes design on this link:

Arrivederci e alla prossima!
(Goodbye and until next time!)

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