CasaCor SP 2023
Dell Anno makes a grand appearance at the Brazilian exhibition, CASACOR SP 2023, showcasing “Memórias” (Memories) – a stunning creation by architect Léo Shehtman.
The 36th edition of CASACOR SP started on May 30th and emerges as the most extensive exhibition of architecture, interior design, and landscaping in the Americas. Embodying this year’s theme of “Corpo & Morada” (Body & Dwelling), Dell Anno collaborates with architect Léo Shehtman to present the space called Memories.
The project features a bunker spanning 1507 sq ft, which manifests as a temporary residence, encapsulating all its diverse functionalities – living, dining, and kitchen spaces, gardens supplemented with artificial lighting, a suite featuring a bath lounge, and a lounge bar. It epitomizes the interplay between the body and space, marking the passage of time.

In designing this space, Dell Anno adorned the living room and kitchen with panels and countertops crafted in Baden finish, a material reminiscent of dark, almost black, wood. The cabinetry, marked by niches of diverse heights and widths, utilizes laser edge technology, ensuring superior durability and providing a conduit for the sound system’s wiring to run behind the panels.

The deep-hued wood amplifies the spectrum of colors and textures selected for the décor, synergizing seamlessly with other materials like steel, which represent the marks of time. The intention is to accentuate the memories tied to the space and mirror the sociocultural processes we’re entwined in, where our lived experiences sculpt our environments.

The space is further embellished with décor elements signed by renowned creators, like the “Lacrime del Pescatore” pendant by Ingo Maurer and the “Urca Chaise” by Jaime Lerner, which was specially tailored in black to harmonize with the custom-made cabinetry from Dell Anno.

This event marks Léo Shehtman’s 35th participation in CASACOR SP, where he has become an iconic figure, consistently introducing projects infused with personality and authentic elements that have attracted significant public acclaim. Shehtman describes his latest creation as a “bunker of memories, embodying the concept of a space shaped by time and the experiences of its inhabitants.
It’s a dwelling that accentuates its functionality and daily necessities, encapsulating experiences intending to pass them on to future generations through various empirical symbols.”

CASACOR SP 2023 is an event not to be missed! The exhibition runs from May
30th to August 6th at Conjunto Nacional, located at Av. Paulista, 2073,
Cerqueira César, São Paulo, Brazil.
Setting Photo by Adriano Pacelli (@adrianopacelli)
Léo Shehtman Photo by LightBox Estúdio (@lightbox_estudio).

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