Aluminum Toe Kick

Modern Look

The aluminum toe kick is both a functional and decorative element in every kitchen.

It’s made of a thermoplastic compound and wrapped in aluminum foil that is very durable with high moisture resistance. It adds both strength and beauty to kitchens.

Aluminum Toe Kicks

Aluminum Toe Kicks are essential for forming the junctions between construction materials, potentially covering untidy or uneven joins. They also provide a barrier that protects the wall from scuffs and dents caused by people and pets moving through and vacuuming.

Aluminum Toe kicks are simple, shiny, and unexpected, they have the power to help define the style of your interior. Modern kitchens are good places for metallic toe kicks, especially if you want a clean-lined look.

If you’re using a lot of different materials, like wood, brick, and stone, aluminum is a good finish because it doesn’t compete with the other textures and colors in the kitchen.

Whether you’re looking for a modern style that is bold and dramatic or light and airy, consider aluminum toe kicks for a sleek finish that smooths the transition from wall to floor with a dash of unexpected style.

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