Singular Exhibition reaches its final port

In the city of Álvaro Siza, the Singular Exhibition reaches its final port.

The architect, honored by Dell Anno, is set to receive a guestbook from the touring exhibition, filled with messages from 500 admirers spanning various Brazilian cities.

The Singular Exhibition, promoted by the Brazilian custom cabinets brand Dell Anno, came to an end in Porto, Portugal, on a historical note. This is the home of the exhibition’s honoree, Álvaro Siza. Even in the absence of the Portuguese architect, who recently celebrated his 90th birthday and maintains a busy schedule, a crowd of approximately one hundred people graced the Dell Anno Porto store to honor him this past Tuesday, the 27th. Among them were filmmaker Augusto Custódio, the director of the ‘Siza’ documentary; Edson Busin, the Marketing Director of Dell Anno; and Amanda Baumruck, the store manager.
Running until the end of July, the touring exhibition showcases an exclusive collection of photographs featuring the Iberê Camargo Foundation in Porto Alegre, Siza’s only project in Brazil. The images, specifically curated for Dell Anno, are complemented by thought-provoking quotes from the architect, creating a rich sensory experience. One such quote includes: “What we call poetic, in essence, comes from that. This ability to relate everything, the foundation of what comes to be the architect’s work, is their ability and possibility to see, and the training of seeing. It’s not just looking, it’s seeing.”

It was right in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where the journey of the Singular Exhibition – “de Porto a Porto (From Porto to Porto) – first set sail. A journey that now reaches its end after gracing various Brazilian cities where the brand is established. During its tour, the exhibition’s guestbook gathered around 500 heartfelt messages from architects, interior designers, and avid followers of Siza’s work. This compilation was Dell Anno’s gift to Siza on his 90th birthday, celebrated on the 25th. Custódio, representing Siza, received the guestbook from Busin’s hands.

“It’s an honor to have a Siza project in our country and to have captured images of Dell Anno’s cabinets in the spectacular building of the Iberê Camargo Foundation. The outcome is the Singular Exhibition, which spanned through Brazil, from Porto Alegre to Manaus, even crossing the ocean to arrive here, in Porto – the city Siza calls home. This further reinforces the close ties between Brazil and Portugal. We share the same language, customs, and admiration for art and the architecture of the great masters, as evident in this exhibition,” the executive added.

Singular Campaign

Dell Anno’s Singular campaign adeptly draws parallels with Siza’s exceptional architectural creations, offering a tribute to his legacy of simplicity and sophistication. This approach has earned him worldwide acclaim and established him as an influence in contemporary architecture. The Iberê Camargo Foundation building, a beacon of modern architecture globally, is nestled on the foundation of a cliff containing remnants of the primal Atlantic Forest and hosts works by the artist after whom the institution is named. The foundation stone includes a brush dipped in cement, symbolically supporting Siza’s work and serving as the tool through which Iberê expressed his art. The Singular Exhibition delivers a glimpse into the architect’s striking vision – a blend of straight lines, symmetrical and asymmetrical curves, and intricate joints crafted into a white concrete structure, a composition acquired with stones.

The displayed images translate Siza’s fascination with sculpture – a distinctive feature of his architectural projects, which take on this quality in the shapes and lights he masterfully molds. This dialogue establishes Dell Anno’s harmony with the values of the architect’s work, most notably in the recurrent use of stones. It connects Dell Anno’s roots in Bento Gonçalves, Brazil, a region rich in basaltic stone soil, widely used in architecture.

Taking the tribute a step further, Dell Anno has translated this reference into a tangible product, introducing the Mimesis collection, which incorporates Dekton surfaces, a carbon-neutral product developed by the Cosentino Group. Évora Mimesis, with a white hue, and Porto Mimesis, bearing a gray tone, are the surfaces presented in the Singular campaign, where stone becomes a solution for cabinetry. These products are intimately connected with Álvaro Siza’s most distinctive signature style, which extensively explores the use of this material to foster a connection between architecture and nature.

Event Details:

Singular Porto Exhibition
Open for visitation: Until July 31st, from Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Venue: Dell Anno Porto (86 João de Barros Street, Porto, Portugal)

Project Overview
Exhibition Title: SINGULAR
Location: Iberê Camargo Foundation – Porto Alegre
Architect: Álvaro Siza
Conceptualized By: Rodrigo Silva and the Dell Anno Marketing Team
Gallery Director: Thiago Araújo
Photography: Roberto Majola for Dell Anno
Vernissage/Design Talk: Beth Venzon
Public Relations: Moglia – Corporate Communication
Official Website:

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