Glass Holder Shelf

The innovative glass holder shelf design prevents your glasses from stacking and breaking, so you can easily grab one and go without having to search through a pile. Plus, it adds a touch of organization and style to your kitchen. The lacquer-finished glass holder shelf is an eye-catching, functional, and elegant addition to any tall unit.

Keep your glasses neatly stored and easily accessible with the Glass Holder Shelf. It’s sturdy and practical, making it the ideal solution if you’re short on space in the kitchen cupboards. Shelving accessories enable you to design a custom storage solution, so you can increase capacity and efficiency.


Why not add a Glass Holder, giving you a spot to prepare your drink after a long hard-working day?


This accessory is a great way to de-clutter counter space in the kitchen giving you extra organization to prepare your meals and make the most of your space!

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