Making A Contemporary Statement In Bathroom Design

The Urban Collection — Making A Contemporary Statement In Bathroom Design

The Urban Collection is distinguished by its clean lines, exquisite materials, and clearly-structured architecture. The incorporation of these elements into bathroom design creates a sleek and sophisticated yet chic space.

An essential bathroom is designed in a variety of layouts and ample scope for personalization, including an unmatched selection of materials and colors. This is exemplified in this bathroom design project, where the minimalist design and neutral color palette provide room to add a touch of personality. Despite the minimalism, the diversity in materials makes sure there is ample visual interest in the space.

The design features a freestanding bathtub, with a glass partition to subtly compartmentalize the space. Additionally, the ladder shelving on one end allows for the display of bathroom essentials that double as aesthetic decor.

The urban bathroom features Nero Marchina laminate fronts, an emblem of the concept of lifestyle and wellness. The beauty of the marble interpretation and clean lines design turn the space into a true statement of contemporary style.

Up close, the Nero Marchina laminate showcases classic black marble with white veining — a laminate interpretation by Dell Anno. This adds a burst of bold but neutral color while providing counter space for decor and accessories, as well as sufficient hidden storage space for bathroom essentials.

The vessel sink sitting atop, paired with its sleek stainless steel faucet, created a contemporary statement, while the wall-mounted mirror was lined with LED lights. The latter lights up the space evenly to assist with beauty regimens. Together with the natural light entering through the corner window, this also creates the effect of layered lighting.

The overall roomy design of the bathroom, paired with the affair of white, black, and grey in the color palette, makes a modern design statement. It blends together the best of a luxury ambiance and personalization, creating a space that truly reflects the high-end taste of the homeowner.

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