Smart Living Space

The biometric lock is a smart, and extremely convenient solution for the home. It’s easy to use; you can unlock the door with just your fingerprint or a pin code. Keyless solutions like this offer a smarter way of living and protecting the home.

Biometric Lock

With just a touch of your fingerprint, you can easily and quickly lock and unlock your drawers without having to fumble around for keys. The Biometric Lock is changing the game by bringing all the convenience and security benefits to your fingertips with advanced biometric technology.

Electronic Lock

Keep your belongings safe and sound with this easy-to-use locking system. The lock is electrically released with a correct PIN code entered on the keypad, making it quick and easy to control access to your personal objects with the touch of a button.

USB Charger

The sleek, minimalist design of this product allows it to be seamlessly integrated into any modern tabletop, and it charges via USB cable. This product is available in both round and square shapes and black, white, and nickel-plated versions.

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