Dell Anno brings innovative custom cabinet solutions to Charlotte

The Brazilian brand is a hallmark of modern and personalized projects for every home style

Dell Anno, a high-end custom cabinet brand from Brazil, made its grand entrance last Thursday, the 28th, in Charlotte, offering tailored solutions to elevate the home living experience in the region. The spacious showroom, spanning over 3,700 square feet, is situated at 1400 Westinghouse Boulevard, Suite 100, and showcases various living spaces adorned with the brand’s international line. Renowned for its bespoke projects, Dell Anno merges contemporary aesthetics with sophistication and functionality in design. By harmonizing modern technology with traditional craftsmanship, Dell Anno presents a palette of materials and exclusive finishes, to enhance every home style.

Now, Charlotte residents have a new destination to discover from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.—and on Saturdays by appointment – the epitome of modern living through Dell Anno’s distinguished cabinets. Offering comfort, dynamism, and freedom of movement within the home. Once in the store, there are ten customized settings, explore the Transitional Kitchen, Living area, Concept Kitchen, Women’s Closet, Men’s Closet, light, and dark-themed Bathrooms, as well as a reception, a professional meeting room, and office space.

Headed by the Brazilian-born Marina Muhs, the store introduces to Charlotte an exclusive slice of Dell Anno’s distinctive service. With a hands-on project management team that guides everything from the design concept to the post-sales service and journeying through the meticulous installation of cabinets, “Our expertise and vast portfolio in setting up spaces allow us to offer a 100% personalized, functional, and sophisticated service for the entire house, which is a fresh and innovative approach around here,” shares Marina, who has lived for almost eight years in the region. Dell Anno Charlotte will deliver to the public an individualized experience, whether to redecorate, design the dream home, or create inspiring commercial spaces.

All the brand’s solutions will be available, featuring a variety of materials, textures, colors, and styles that have already gained popularity in numerous countries and U.S. cities. “I sought to undertake in a Brazilian or even European company that presented a modern and sophisticated approach to custom spaces, something yet to be fully explored in the American market. I found that Dell Anno provides the ideal blend of structure, expertise, and portfolio to thrive in the USA,” Marina highlights.

Dell Anno Charlotte Team: Leonardo Muhs, Marina Muhs, Fred Toledo and Lucas Muhs.

With a consolidated tradition, Dell Anno is part of one of the largest and most modern custom cabinet companies in Latin America, with a highly robotized and efficient factory. The brand has as guiding principles the specialized know-how and the aptitude for innovation focused on sustainable production, using reforestation wood and adhering to the formaldehyde emission limitations according to the CARB2 certification.

About Dell Anno

Dell Anno is a hallmark of custom cabinetry in Brazil, epitomizing style, sophistication, and refined taste. For nearly four decades, its products have been crafted by Unicasa Móveis, nestled in one of the most expansive and state-of-the-art industrial parks in Latin America, spanning over 540,000 square feet in the scenic region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’s cabinetry capital. Dell Anno holds the unique distinction of being the sole custom cabinet brand listed on the São Paulo Stock Exchange since 2012, underscoring a steadfast dedication to professionalism, transparency, and the pinnacle of corporate governance standards.

Embedded in its DNA, Dell Anno embraces a culture of cutting-edge technology, featuring distinct manufacturing advantages and German machineries, such as robotic lacquer painting lines and flexible production. This allows for precise millimetric variations in the dimensions of pieces, tailoring each project to unique specifications. The products are born from the creative minds of an in-house architecture and design team, always aligned with the latest trends in design and decor.

Thus, Dell Anno writes a success story, now with more than 50 exclusive stores in several countries. Its portfolio resonates with discerning consumers worldwide, satisfying the highest levels of demand.


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Dell Anno can help you to customize and develop the Stage of your dreams. So, check out our stores on the link below.

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