Glass In The Kitchen

Endless Source of Inspiration

The unique qualities of glass make it one of most fascinated materials and it has been an endless source of inspiration . Its durability, transparency and lightness allow to create sophisticated and functional spaces that enhance personality and wellbeing. Adding an element of glass to a kitchen is great way to shake up the design.

Reasons to choose glass kitchen doors

Practical and functional
• Transparent, light, beautiful, sustainable: glass is one of the most practical and functional materials you can choose for the kitchen.

Easy to maintain
• The glass is characterized by its high resistance to high temperatures, water and humidity. Its characteristics don’t change over time, offering the advantage of practical maintenance because it is easy to clean and stain-resistant.

Eco-sustainable choice
• Glass is a sustainable, fully recyclable material that provides great environmental benefits such as contributing to mitigating climate change.

Impervious to mould and bacteria
• Another advantage of glass in the kitchen is that it is a very hygienic material. It is non-porous, easy to clean without any effort, as well as being practically impervious to mould and bacteria.

Aesthetic appeal
• Glass is a material that responds perfectly to current trends in interior design, even in the kitchen, thanks to its ability to give depth to surfaces and lighten spaces.

Safety First

The glass door designed by Dell Anno is made from 4 mm thick safety glass available in lacquer, clear, reflective and acid-etched finishes. The glass is mounted onto an anodized aluminium frame in a wide range of painted and anodized profiles.

Let’s Get Technical

Glass Finishes

Vitrea Collection

Profile Finishes

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