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Dell Anno Introduces Its Signature Lifestyle to New York

Serving as both a backdrop and at times a character in myriad tales that have captivated the global imagination for generations, New York City now emerges as a pivotal player in Dell Anno’s narrative of international acclaim. Nestled in the heart of Manhattan Island and with eyes turned towards the world, the custom cabinet brand makes its entrance into the Big Apple, unveiling its realm of globally acclaimed architecture and design excellence.

From a conceptual standpoint, the store, located at 36W 25th St, between 5th and 6th Avenues, is already a reference for Dell Anno’s current positioning and future vision.

Occupying roughly 3,800 square feet, the store’s design capitalizes on the historic charm of a 1930s building, a quintessential representation of classic New York architecture. Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the world’s most cosmopolitan city, the interior melds an international aesthetic with touches of Brazilian essence, notably through the incorporation of greenery. This approach not only brings a piece of Brazil to New York but also creates a welcoming and warm ambiance, providing a cozy contrast to the city’s inherently cooler climate.

From a business perspective, the new store is an important step in Dell Anno’s international expansion and positioning strategy, arriving in New York with an exclusive line of products that will also be available in Brazil later this year.

Known for its commitment to innovative design and a diverse portfolio, Unicasa’s operation in the USA is particularly focused on meeting the needs of clients looking for bespoke solutions for residential spaces, with a focus on single-family homes, offering a wide variety of options while combining elegance, functionality, and durability.

With 10 sales points in the United States, the company’s North American operation, besides New York, also includes the city of Miami in the model of flagship stores.

“We are excited about this new opening. This expansion represents a significant step in our international journey. We want to share the excellence of our products and services with North American consumers, and we are confident that this will bring even more experience for us to continue our operation in Brazil,” says Gustavo Dall’Onder, CEO of Unicasa.

Dell Anno can help you to customize and develop the Stage of your dreams. So, check out our stores on the link below.

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