The Art of Design

The Art of Design travels across Brazil in search of unforgettable projects

With its global debut last Thursday (2/22), the documentary series focuses on beauty, functionality and sophistication, highlighting the creative and functional use of spaces.

Over the course of its 10 episodes, the series will present an exclusive selection of projects, demonstrating all the sophistication of architecture and design that surrounds the industry. Each chapter highlights a different project, revealing creative and functional uses of spaces, offering valuable decoration tips and highlighting the potential of furniture in the composition of the most varied types of projects. With each episode, viewers will have access to new inspiration, unique spaces and unmissable projects.

Furthermore, “The Art of Design” aims to spark important reflections on the significance of design in our daily lives and its interconnectedness with the environment, cities, and communities. Through captivating storytelling and insightful exploration, the series delves into the relationship between projects and their surroundings, underscoring the crucial role of design in shaping our living spaces and urban landscapes.

Additionally, our curatorial approach emphasizes the inclusion of diverse projects connected with sustainability, showcasing the growing importance of environmentally conscious practices within the design and architecture industry. By featuring innovative and eco-friendly design solutions, “The Art of Design” seeks to inspire viewers to consider the environmental impact of their design choices and encourages a more sustainable approach to urban development and living.

In the premiere episode, viewers will be introduced to two incredible projects, authored by Léo Shehtman and Laura Rocha, who lead two of the most prestigious offices in the capital of São Paulo. Get ready for a unique immersion in the world of contemporary architecture, where creativity and excellence come together to create memorable spaces.

“We are excited to share the first episode of ‘The Art of Design’ with architecture and design lovers around the world. The series offers a unique insight into the world of Brazilian design, celebrating the diversity and innovation that characterize our national identity “, says Augusto Custodio, Creative Director of the Gallery.

The first episode of “The Art of Design” is available for streaming exclusively on Gallery

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