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Amanda Ferber’s Exclusive Showcase at Dell Anno Miami

Recently, the Dell Anno Miami showroom was graced with the presence of Amanda Ferber, a leader in the architecture and design world and the creative force behind the Architecture Hunter Instagram account. Since its inception in 2013, Architecture Hunter has evolved from a passion project into a global sensation, captivating an audience of over 3 million followers with its celebration of architectural excellence and design innovation. 

The Ascendancy of Architecture Hunter and Amanda’s Vision

Amanda’s story is one of relentless dedication and a deep-seated commitment to her craft. A 2018 graduate from the esteemed Mackenzie Presbyterian University School of Architecture and Urbanism in São Paulo, she transformed her fascination for architectural wonders into the cornerstone of Architecture Hunter. Today, the platform boasts impressive metrics: over 8 million monthly impressions, 3 million Instagram followers, and 400k monthly YouTube views, testament to its widespread influence and appeal.

As CEO and editor-in-chief, Amanda’s influence stretches beyond digital realms. Her global journeys to share insights with architecture and design aficionados have included speaking engagements at prestigious venues like the American Institute of Architecture in New York. Her insights and perspectives have also been featured in leading publications, including Business magazine, underscoring her significant impact on the industry. 

Igniting imagination in our showroom

At Dell Anno Miami, we share Amanda’s passion for innovation and excellence in design. Our showroom embodies the ethos of minimalism and sophistication, offering a haven where creativity thrives and inspiration flourishes. Spanning almost 5000 sq. ft., our space is curated to evoke a sense of warmth and comfort, with every detail thoughtfully considered.  

From our elegant geometric shapes to our timeless tones and impeccable craftsmanship, each element within our showroom is designed to elevate the senses and ignite the imagination. Our collection of kitchen and closet systems, renowned for their modernity and functionality, reflects the brand’s commitment to creating spaces that are both beautiful and practical. 

Crafting Elegance Worldwide

Dell Anno has crafted a rich legacy of success, extending its presence to over 10 countries through a network of over 50 monobrand stores and authorized dealers. With a diverse brand portfolio tailored to the desires of discerning customers seeking sophisticated living worldwide, Dell Anno continues to redefine the standard of elegance and functionality in modern design.  

As we continue to push the boundaries of design innovation, we invite you to join us on this journey of exploration and discovery. Experience the Dell Anno difference and unlock the potential of your next project with us.  

Dell Anno can help you to customize and develop the Stage of your dreams. So, check out our stores on the link below.

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