The Art of Design EPISODE II

Designing Paradise: Discover Architectural Wonders in Praia do Forte, Bahia

Gallery, the pioneering global streaming platform dedicated to architecture and design, is pleased to announce the release of the second episode of its original series “The Art of Design”. Following the success of its inaugural episode, which showcased notable projects in São Paulo, the series now embarks on a visual journey to the stunning Praia do Forte in Bahia to explore two inspiring projects.

The second episode will feature two projects in the tourist destination of Praia do Forte, signed by the renowned offices Dan Bastos Arquitetura and Milcent Arquitetura, led by mother and daughter Fernanda and Bruna Milcent. These projects represent the best in design for the region, combining innovation, functionality, and a harmonious connection with the breathtaking natural environment.

In addition to highlighting design excellence, “The Art of Design” continues to provoke important reflections on the role of design in everyday life and its interaction with the environment. The second episode delves into the relationship between the projects and their surroundings in the stunning Praia do Forte, highlighting the crucial role of design in creating residential spaces and urban landscapes that integrate harmoniously with nature.

“The Art of Design” continues to celebrate the beauty, functionality, and sophistication of Brazilian interior design. With a unique perspective on the world of design, the series showcases the creativity and excellence behind each project, offering viewers a captivating insight into the universe of contemporary design.

Mark Your Calendar:

The second episode of “The Art of Design” will be available for streaming exclusively on Gallery on March 21st. Don’t miss the opportunity to be inspired by the exceptional projects presented in this episode and explore the richness of Brazilian design in the beautiful Praia do Forte.


The second episode of “The Art of Design” is available for streaming exclusively on Gallery

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