Dell Anno Portrays Global Living with International Launch at the Brazilian CASACOR

New line of closets is the highlight of the space designed by architect Léo Shehtman

The Brazilian brand Dell Anno has continuously evolved throughout its history in custom cabinetry. With innovative products that capture its current minimalist, contemporary, and elegant style, the brand arrives at CASACOR São Paulo 2024, perfectly in tune with global design trends.   

Designed by architect Léo Shehtman, the “Global Living Dell Anno” is an invitation to immerse in a modern cosmopolitan lifestyle. With functional solutions, practical and minimalist design, the exclusive space introduces the market to the brand’s new line of closets and kitchen finishes. 

“We are experiencing a very special moment of strengthening the brand’s positioning, which increasingly delivers exclusive spaces in some of the world’s prime locations,” emphasizes the company’s CEO, Gustavo Dall’Onder.   

With almost 40 years of experience, Dell Anno opened its first own store in New York in 2023, a milestone in its expansion strategy that does not compromise on its three core pillars: German productive technology, Italian design, and Brazilian craftsmanship.

Functional and Minimalist: New Closet Line Reinforces Global Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

Drawing inspiration from classic New York penthouses, the ‘Global Living Dell Anno’ captures the vibrant and diverse essence of urban life with its cosmopolitan design and architectural elements. Key features include dimmable lighting, wood and caramel finishes, ample use of natural stone and wood, and art pieces. These elements highlight the brand’s nearly decade-long collaboration with one of the industry’s most experienced and esteemed professionals. 

The world’s most cosmopolitan cities, like New York and São Paulo, embody a modern, around-the-clock lifestyle, which is reflected in their architectural styles,” says Leo Shehtman. According to him, the challenge of creating something new and original—especially after participating in the show for 36 editions—was met through the synergy between architect and brand. “Dell Anno has always been ahead of its time. We naturally connected on this project because we both embrace the idea of constant renewal,” he explains. The main goal was to create functional spaces with a modern design where every element serves a purpose, seamlessly integrating technology, functionality, and design.  

Among the many details, the highlight is Dell Anno’s new line of closets. This product comes at a crucial time for the brand’s international expansion, marked by its entry into New York, a city renowned for its urban and cosmopolitan lifestyle. 

The Libero and Attimo Closet Systems complement each other, sharing a cohesive design language with similar elements and finishes. They harmoniously blend open and closed cabinets, shelves, and suspended drawers, creating a visual narrative that enhances the composition possibilities and weaves a poetic thread throughout the project. 

In the kitchen, envisioned as a social hub, the central island and the extensive row of cabinets with pocket doors take center stage. The island adheres to international standards for height, depth, and ergonomics. Made entirely of natural veneer with full fronts and no handles, it offers a minimalist and functional aesthetic, with a wide range of organizers and accessories that can be tailored to different cooking styles.

In the cabinets, the satin lacquer doors create a visual unity that hides the storage areas and the wet area, with a light and sophisticated design. When closed, they provide a minimalist look, and when opened, reveal the full functional character of the environment. This is possible through the innovative opening system that moves the four doors articulately, collecting them on the side of the furniture and leaving free circulation space.  

Inside, we see the lighting invading the cabinets in specific applications, enhancing the feeling of comfort, elegance in opening, and facilitating the visualization of provisions. Lighting is also a protagonist in the living room, where the highlight is the cabinet in earthy tones, with a tensioned canvas background, creating a scenic effect that culminates in the delicate and contemporary visual comfort of Global Living. 

SERVICE – CASACOR São Paulo, Brazil 2024
Where: Conjunto Nacional, on Avenida Paulista, 2073, Brazil. 
When: May 21 to July 28, 2024 
Event hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 12 pm to 10 pm 
Sundays and holidays from 11 am to 9 pm 
Ticket office hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 12 pm to 8 pm   


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