Provençal green

The Charm of Green in Provençal Design

The color green, particularly sage and other muted tones, has become a popular choice for modern kitchens. Incorporating green into Provençal design adds a fresh, natural element and enhances the overall ambiance, making the space lively yet elegant. Green cabinetry, as seen in the Fazenda Boa Vista project, can transform a kitchen into a bright and cheerful environment without compromising sophistication. 

Photo by Adriano Pacelli 

Timeless Appeal and Modern Relevance

The enduring appeal of Provençal style lies in its ability to remain relevant through changing design trends. Its classic features provide a perfect canvas for experimenting with colors. Adding green to the mix demonstrates how traditional elements can be updated to create something uniquely beautiful and current. This blend of old and new ensures that Provençal-inspired spaces remain timeless. 

Photo by Adriano Pacelli 

Origin of the Provençal Style

Provençal style originated in the 16th century in the Provence region of southern France. Known for its rustic yet refined appeal, this style often features distressed wood, vintage finishes, and a soft, muted color palette. It evokes a sense of timelessness, bringing a warm, welcoming feel to any space. 

Let´s Get Technical

Dell Anno offers two exquisite green finishes that can enhance a Provençal kitchen. The “Forest” finish, used in the Fazenda Boa Vista project, provides a deep, lush green that adds richness and depth. Another option is the “Arpoador” finish, which offers a lighter, more muted green, perfect for creating a serene and airy atmosphere. Both finishes embody the elegance and versatility of the Provençal style. 



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