The Art of Design EPISODE IV

Discover the Essence of Carioca Living with Architecture by Studio Ro+Ca and BF+ Arquitetos. 

Gallery, the leading global streaming platform for architecture and design, is excited to announce the release of the fourth episode of its original series “The Art of Design.” After the success of previous episodes that showcased standout projects in São Paulo, Praia do Forte, Bahia, and Porto Alegre, the series now takes us on a visual journey to the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, featuring the exceptional work of Studio Ro+Ca and BF+ Arquitetos.

Exploring Diverse Design:
In this fourth episode, viewers will dive into the creative worlds of architects Carlos and Caio Carvalho and Rodrigo Beze from Studio Ro+Ca, along with Fábio Bouillet and Carol Freitas from BF+ Arquitetos. These renowned professionals are celebrated for their innovative approaches and dedication to creating spaces that not only meet functional needs but also harmonize with the cultural and natural richness of Rio de Janeiro.
Design and Environment Insights:
“The Art of Design” continues to spark important reflections on the role of design in daily life and its interaction with the environment. This episode delves into the relationship between the projects of Studio Ro+Ca and BF+ Arquitetos and the urban and natural landscapes of Rio de Janeiro. It highlights the importance of design in creating spaces that seamlessly blend natural beauty and urban vibrancy in a harmonious and sustainable way.

About “The Art of Design”:
“The Art of Design” celebrates the beauty, functionality, and sophistication of Brazilian interior design. Offering a unique perspective on the design world, the series showcases the creativity and excellence behind each project, giving viewers a captivating look into contemporary design.


Save the Date:
The fourth episode of “The Art of Design” will be available for streaming exclusively on Gallery. Don’t miss the chance to be inspired by the exceptional projects featured in this episode and explore the richness of Brazilian design in the stunning city of Rio de Janeiro.
Note: “Carioca” refers to a person who was born in Rio de Janeiro. Additionally, Studio Ro+Ca and BF+ Arquitetos are well-known Brazilian architecture firms recognized for their innovative designs that reflect the unique cultural and natural landscapes of Brazil.

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