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This building located on the southeastern slopes of Medellin is materialized through the sum of rectangular prisms that are grouped in height to seek the best orientation. The program offers apartment solutions for singles or couples, with 71 apartments between 53 and 130 m², composed of modular and flexible spaces that allow projects of different apartment types.



90 Kitchens



Architecture / M+ Group


The floor plan is a 21 x 21 m square, in the center of which is located the core of the vertical circulations and the technical areas to occupy the perimeter of the building with the apartment units. The base of the volume that detaches from the prisms that make up the apartments and defines the parameter for the access road, generates a transition between the urban and the private. There are the entrance hall, a restaurant open to the city, lounges and administrative areas. The public and social areas of the building are located on the first and last floors. The roof is a large habitable terrace where the gym and wet areas with views of the city are located, which once again links the internal space with the natural and built surroundings.

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