Fendi Chateau

A sea of luxury, concept design by Arquitectonica. A design concept that reflects the gentle undulations of the sea waves that mark its privileged location facing the bay, the Fendi Chateau residences will rise in 27-story towers. They will grow organically in a natural
environment allowing the residences to offer magnificent views over the sea from chic interiors and spaces with luxury and exclusive amenities.



558 Bedrooms


536 Bathrooms


143 Laundry rooms



Concept design by Arquitectónica


The residences, where style and function meet. The design sensibility that has made Fendi an iconic brand for nearly a century is evident in the incredible residences at Fendi Chateau. Known for its unwavering passion for creativity and high quality, the residences combine
fashion, style, and function on a grand scale. Common areas, and kitchens, will be decorated with the exquisite refinement of Fendi elements. Treated woods, smoked glass and tan reflections, and sliding doors, all invite residents to walk onto the terraces and enjoy the
spectacular views of the ocean. Raised in towers of 27 floors, each residence enjoys terraces and environments that rise in height above the standards creating a magnificent spatiality that increases enjoyment and invites contemplation.

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